Monday, April 27, 2009

Bank Deposit

I inserted the check into the deposit envelope and went to place it in to the bank deposit slot.
Onto the rainy ground it went, with my check inside it.

A car was pulling up as I opened my door, just to realize that I did not pull far enough away from the wall to actually open my door.

I hear the whining of the ATM trying to pull in the deposit, and see the screen blinking with "Do You Need More time?"

Lodging myself sideways and stretching as far as my arms could go, I struggled to reach the envelope. With the car behind me, there was no way for me to back up, grab the envelope, then pull forward.

I wiggled and wiggled until I could reach the ground, firmly lodging my butt in the door.


Flopping like a fish.

I put the deposit slip and my pride on the passenger seat, and started towards home.

Day One of Summer Dieting starts tomorrow.


Kayden loves to pee outside. I have always turned a blind eye, because it does keep away the rabbits.

Lately, though, the pee has turned to something altogether disturbing.

He hangs his hind end over the grass, then poops like a dog.

I guess as long as he does not start licking himself, we are good to go, right?


All joking aside, what in the world? Potty training was so last summer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Walk of Shame

"Let's just go for a little walk around the block", Josh said to me this evening after dinner.

After loading Bryce into the stroller, and knocking over three bikes while pulling out the hot wheel, we were on the way.

Turning onto this street, then that one. Winding around finally green lawns.

Kayden took great delight in riding ahead. I am sure each neighborhood we passed enjoyed my screams for him to stop when I felt he had gone too far.

Matter of fact, Melo made the journey tonight. What a joy it was, along with my screaming, to hear his high pitched yelp each time we passed a house with a dog.

An inconspicuous bunch, that Bird clan.

The "around the block walk" turned into the walk to Caledonia, and suddenly I realized a bathroom break was necessary.

Because its just so convenient to have a bathroom emergency two miles from home.

Halfway back to our house, when even the bush was looking friendly, I asked Josh how much longer. We had twisted and turned through so many streets, I had no idea where we were.

"Fifteen more minutes", he said and I grimaced.

Then suddenly, a loathed article of clothing yesterday became an unexpected comfort.

Bright Blue, with "See God" scrawled across the front.

Oh yes, the very same shirt I had sputtered and complained about clothing K with yesterday.

(Grandparents Day at preschool-I was embittered that his "Grandparents Day" scrapbook page would be clad with said t-shirt. The very same scrapbook that has oh-so-many pages completed, but it is the possibilities, right?)

I did the unthinkable, according to Josh. I invited myself in to use the bathroom. Thank God for those blue nuggets or I would have never know they were friends. And by friends I mean people that know of Josh and think I am only semi-crazy for using their bathroom.

and not really knowing where I live.

The last half of that walk back was so much more enjoyable than the first.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1st Birthday

As we were decorating our house for Bryce's birthday, I could not help but think how fast this year went.

One year ago, he was a brand new babe in my arms.

I was marveling at how much hair he had.

Taking naps with him nestled on my chest.

Re-arranging our furniture in the middle of the night.

Kissing sweet baby cheeks, loving every minute.

Kayden was ignoring him, and asking when his baby could go back to the hospital.

Some things never change.

More Ear Issues

Remember this post?

In it, I mentioned that my mom is just not a complainer when it comes to her health. Although she deals with constant headaches and ear infections, you will hardly ever hear her say she is in pain.

In fact, she probably will kill me for even writing this, but the fact is that 3 surgeries in less than three years has taken it's toll. This past surgery was supposed to be her easiest, and ended up having far more complications than anyone predicted.

Fast forward to the present: one ear has about 12% hearing, and the other one used to have almost double that. Now, her good ear is losing hearing. Fast. In the last two to three weeks, she has lost almost all hearing.
She went to the doctor today, who was pretty discouraged with this prognosis. He would like to try steroids for the next two weeks, with the hopes that the hearing will return on it's own.

Otherwise, the recommendation is that she goes in for another surgery to build up the ear drum. Already having talk of another surgery, after the last one was less than six months ago is discouraging.

I covet your prayers for my mom. Please pray that these steroids, which are not likely to work, will actually do the trick. I am not sure I can bear the thought of another surgery. She always is in so much pain.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Sometimes I feel like Easter is a "marker" day. It is a specific date in which I can look back in time, and remember exactly what I was doing during previous years.

Two years ago, we were struggling with infertility, and it was one of the lowest points of my life.

Last year I was awaiting the birth of Bryce, excited and yet nervous.

Have I told you Bryce is around 25 pounds?

I have a point, I promise.

When Bryce was born, he weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds. The first few days of carrying him around, my muscles in my arms hurt. They were just not used to carry something constantly, since Kayden was past the age where he needed to be carried.

After the first few days, only rarely did they hurt. Usually just if I had held Bryce for long spurts of time, like when we went to the zoo or I talked too long in the foyer after church.

Now Bryce is 25 pounds, and since his growth has been gradual, the addition of more weight over time is not so shocking. If you tried to hold him for even half the time, your arms would probably ache.

It has been the same with balancing adding another kid and managing my business.

Last year, my mom and dad watched Kayden while we were at the hospital. In anticipation of us coming home, they decorated the outside porch with an "It's a Boy" banner. I walked through the front door, saw my mom, and burst into tears.

All as the video camera was rolling. It's a memory, that's for sure.

It was SO overwhelming to think about bringing a baby into the chaos of my business. I wondered how I would ever manage to have time for either. I was working 40-50 hours a week at the time, and did not know how I ever was going to juggle both.

Of course, it could just be the addition of Chelle. My most favorite employee, who helps with the never ending bag and tag. It is nice to have a helper.

It amazing to me how things adjust and everything works. Trying to see it as a whole was completely stiffling when Bryce was born, but as it has gradually adjusted and changed, it works out.

Here are a few of my favorites from this last year:

Friday, April 10, 2009

What a guy.

You might already know it, but I thought I better affirm it.

Josh is the man.

Last night, after two and a half hours trying to fall asleep, my husband showed me how much he loves me.

He got up, went downstairs for a Tylenol PM and some water, then rubbed my back to try to get me to sleep.

Without me asking him to.

I get verklempt even thinking about it.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

NCAA champions

About three minutes before the game, two guys passed by us to get to their seats. Space is at a premium, so we were literally nose to nose; or in Josh's case, nose to chest.

Both were wearing Fargo hats, with the ear flaps lifted, and long black trench coats.

As they passed, they looked up at Josh and said "your going down, loser!"

I was surprised; Josh's sheer size will deter most. Perhaps a comment from afar, but rarely so close (and when looking straight up).

Fast forward five minutes.

Blue Fargo hat guy all the sudden starts yelling at the fan behind him.



After about a minute of screaming profanities, all the fans surrounding started yelling at him to be quiet.

The alcohol won, though, and he kept spouting off. Just when I thought he was finished, he would start up again.

I look up and all the sudden Blue Fargo hats friend, Tan Fargo hat, is hitting the guy next to him. Elbows flying, arms flailing.

In an almost collective whistle, the entire section was yelling for the security guard and pointing at Blue Fargo Hat.

Swarms of security started entering our row to secure the exit of Blue Fargo hat. Tan Fargo hat also was booted, with four minutes off the clock.

As they left, I thought- they traveled all that way, spent so much money on tickets because they love the team, and they saw four minutes of the game.

It was kind of fun to watch, though! LOL

I really needed to bring my good camera for these close ups, but you get the idea....

Speaking of Dick Vitale...they were right below the steps we used to get to our section.

See the red coat? That was the security guard we all whistled to :-)

Michal Jordan. This was awesome. Josh has been a fan forever, so to have them honoring his career at this game was incredible.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yup, I said it.

I have a few thoughts about last nights NCAA championship game. I am pulling up pictures and creating a post.

However, if I hear

GO Green

GO White

one more time, I think I might puke.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two kiddos

The last day of preschool before Spring Break, as I was leaving the driveway, and I was struck.

I have two kids.

Guy, that sounds like an aweful lot of responsibility. Doesn't it?

To raise them to know God, be a good example, treat others kindly, be is a huge, overwhelming thought.

Parenting was so much easier when it was just hypothetical.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Final Four Experience

We were the only ones wearing blue, in a sea of green.
But, hey, it was worth it.


This guy played for Villanova in the 50's. Do you recognize him?

He turned Josh around and said, "I'm gonna {explative} punch you!"


Somehow, Josh won him over because as we left, he gave Josh a huge hug and said "I love you more than a man should love another man."

Josh makes friends easily.

I never thought I would see the day.


Everyone thought I was with a celebrity, and yelled Laettner {loudly} frequently.

I can think of worse things to be called. Matter of fact, heard a lot of those names today.

State fans have got to be the craziest fans alive.


Johnny Spirit. Yes, that is his legal name.

And the drunkest fans around.


I got to see my boy Psycho T up close and personal.


from here.


Then we moved once all the crazy Spartans left.


I do not mind male cheerleaders...


but I hate it when they do the arm motions, too.



A medium drink is $6.


but being with all the crazies makes Josh cut loose. A few times I even heard him scream at the refs.


and shoot a few himself.

and as we were coming in, Josh said "State fans suck. It's like putting 30,000 Dick Vitales under one roof.

We will be heading back Monday for State v. Carolina. It could be war tomorrow since both of my brothers are avid fans. Of opposite teams.


Thanks to my mom for watching the kiddos. And thanks to our friends in Redlands for giving us the tickets. What a fun experience. A blast.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This warms my heart.

The basket is full of colored eggs, each representing a different part of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.

I had to rotate it because I filmed it sideways, so I apologize for the screen size. If you view full screen, you can see it better.

My Easter Basket, by Mary Simon

The colors in this basket
Are my own special way
For me to tell the story
of that first Easter day

The green inside my basket
Is like the palms that lay
Upon the ground for Jesus
For his parade one day

The purple in my basket
Reminds me of the time
That Jesus shared with his friends
A meal of bread and wine

The red inside my basket
Reminds me it is true
That Jesus loves us so much
He dies for me and you

The brown inside my basket
As dark as in a cave
Reminds me of the sad place
That was our Jesus grave

The white inside my basket
Is like the angel bright
Who gladly said "He's Risen"!
Our Jesus is all right

The yellow in my basket
That matches the bright sun
Reminds me of that Easter
and what God has done.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cereal and Yoyos

Three kids sit in pajamas at the kitchen counter.

A Lucky Charms box is tipped on it's side, a gallon of "Vitamin D" milk being passed from child to child. The broken red ring seal is sitting in a small milk spill, and there are more spills spattered with cereal next to each of our plastic bowls.

If I stretch my imagination enough, I can almost hear the slurping as the spoon went sideways into my brother's mouth; each gulp spilling more milk and cereal.

The pajama feet slapping against the bar stools.

The clinking of dishes being put into the dishwasher.

Opening and closing cupboard doors.

The sense of family and stability and security.

Cereal was, and is, a staple in my family.

Tonight we were at my mom's house, and talking about how Kayden inhales cereal just like I did as a child, and my mom started telling a story.

I am nostalgic to a fault, so my ears perk up at the mention of a "growing up" story.

Back in the day, when you bought Sugar Puffs cereal, they had a prize for consumption. For every two box tops sent in, the company would send you a yo-yo.

My dad piped up to insert that it was a really good yo-yo.

Every night, no matter what they ate for supper, my dad would haul out the Sugar Puffs and load up a cereal bow,. Then another. Two bowls of cereal each evening would be eaten, "because he needed a little liquid".

I love that my mom loves my dad enough to let him indulge in an after cereal meal, instead of the large meal she spent so much time preparing.

and I love that my dad earned 72 yo-yos in one year from eating cereal. Everyone they knew received a yo-yo that year.

I love traditions like this.

Stories that are the fabric of my being.

I love that I come from a family that has these quirky things. I find them endearing.

I hope and pray my kids feel the same way someday. Not of me with my back to them on the computer. But of me being present in each moment, inhaling the cereal with them.