Monday, April 30, 2012

My list of lost items changes over time.

Like the time I lost my wallet. It became priority one. I searched high and low for a week, until it was found in a bag of onesies.

Other things go missing, but are discovered quickly thereafter. Usually within a day or two, said item shows up tucked in a corner or was set on a shelf before forgotten about.

There are three items that I am looking for lately, and I still cannot find them. Either Bryce has taken off with them, or I stashed them "in a safe place" so that Bryce wouldn't take off with them.

In no particular order:

My Silpada ring.
Thankfully, it holds no sentimental value. But: 1.) I like it and
2.) it has since been retired and can no longer be purchased.

This Lamaze Bug.
Both of my boys adored it. He traveled thousands and thousands of miles with Kayden and I, as we came to Michigan for visits. Bryce loved on it for hours at a time. I always called it the "crack" bug because my kids were enamored by it. 
About six months before we got pregnant, I went through and purged all baby toys. I distinctly remember separating this one, just in case.

My Debit Card
This one should bug me more than it does. I know the exact date it went missing. I know who took it. I just keep hoping it shows up. At some point, I am going to have to go to the bank and get one reissued....but it is so much more fun to bother Josh for his card :-) Reminds him how irresponsible I am, right?

As I pass a bag that hasn't been used in a while, I tear through the pockets. Bottoms of closets have been unloaded. Drawers, nooks, crannies, under the seat in both cars, tubs of old clothing, behind dressers, under the train table, behind the playhouse (where 90% of lost items are found) many areas of our house, long since untouched, have been searched.


So, what about you? Any items that are on your "forever lost" list?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brought to you by the Number Four

Top Three Spring Break Events, by Jamie Bird

3. Tessa's first outing was to the Kalamazoo Air Museum.

As you can see, she stayed pretty far away from others.

You have to start somewhere, huh?

Little Miss Social, she loved being in the new surroundings.

Kayden took a friend along, and they spent hours riding the kiddie airplanes and hot air balloons. I enjoyed hearing them giggle as each ride began.

I am not going to lie, though. There is something about staying home all the time that I surely will miss.

Life is so much busier, even in the two weeks since given the "all clear to go in public".

2. Bryce-y Boy turned FOUR years old.

Four birthday parties later....we finally took the streamers down.

1. Easter Sunday- what a glorious day!

All day long, I praised God for the JOY these blessings bring to my life.

My apologies to our pastor/congregation, but I had to get a picture taken of Tessa's first time in church.

The Bird family at it's finest:-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ephesians 3:20


Against all odds.

Never going to happen, kiddo.

Now to him

who is able

to do immeasurably more

than all we ask or imagine

One year ago, I was lying in bed.

Feeling Tessa kick, not knowing if it was the last.

Listening to the thump-thump of her heartbeat, wondering how I would find the strength to make it through the next 24 weeks.

Crying, not quite understanding how to explain death to my kids when she was so very much alive to me.

Waking up every morning, having to realize over and over again that it wasn't all a bad dream.

On this one year anniversary of sorts, I thought it a might fine night to celebrate, eat a little Smashburger, and give my mom a gift to say "thank you".

So, I printed out Tessa's blog.

Not until it arrived did I realize what 263 pages looked like.

It's thick:-)

So many verses come to mind, but the verse I put on Tessa's first doll is still a special one to me.

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

It encompassed this last year as God held my hand, showed me His faithfulness, and blessed me in a way I never imagined.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It didn't take long, after we added Bryce to our family, that I found a new love....matching clothes.

I loved finding coordinating outfits for the boys and getting them all gussied up.

Still do.

They are almost to the point they no longer allow it. A few good arm twists are required lately for anything other than a sports jersey.

It got me thinking WHY I like matchy-matchy outfits so much....

Clearly, I come by it naturally.


Photo 3 cracks me up, as you can see my mom and dad in the shadow at the bottom.

In Photo 4, my brother Justin looks just like my niece, Alexis.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A new love

Thursday afternoon, Bryce found a new love. Hunting for treasure at garage sales.

He would jump out of the van and run ahead of me, yelling for me to catch up to behold the bounty.

I couldn't believe how long he hung in there- we were out scouring for deals for a few hours. I never did find the one thing I was looking for- cleats for Kayden.

Bryce found a ton of other goodies- a telescope, dinosaur, monster truck, pajamas, a robe, basketball, a new bat, hot wheels cars.

At every stop, he HAD to pick something out.

Thank goodness most things were paid for in change instead of dollar bills.

The final garage sale of the day, I found this:

which is cute, but probably not something I would buy. This coat was designed to go over a dress, and I much prefer a soft sweater since this is kind of stiff.

Until I checked the tag for size and found this goodie.....

Rogers Department Store....where Josh and I met almost 14 years ago.

I would say it $1 well spent:-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I think, because I am more worried about some sort of developmental delay, I get caught up in Tessa's progress...what words she is babbling, how fast she is sitting, rolling over, eating cereal, etc.

Just for comparison sake, I dusted off the old baby books to see when the boys reached their various milestones.

Tessa is almost the exact same size that Bryce was at two months. I do not remember him being that big of a baby!

As Natalie says, my kids all look the same "brand", huh?:-)