Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So, how is it that the new MacBook Air has been out for a whole 15 days with no mention from Chelle?

Little disappointed.

Want to make millions?

Figure out the solution to this:

Saturday I went and got groceries at Meijer. The yellow tags showing sale items were abundant, and overall the shopping trip was very successful. You know us dutchies, I can't buy if it is not on sale.
Yesterday, before throwing away my receipt, I started checking it over. I was overcharged for four items that should have been marked down but weren't. $5.29 for Josh's frozen pizza that should have been 4 for $10.
Today I will drag myself into Meijers, stand in the return/exchange line with seventeen other people, waiting for the one person working the desk. Here is the part where the millions come in: find a way to automate this online. A website where I can type in my receipt number and have the price adjusted without leaving the comfort of my own home.
Also, how about a family friendly, sit down restaurant with a play yard? We will be meeting with friends on Friday evening, both of us have little ones, and would love to go to a place like Applebees with a play structure like McDonalds. Is there something like this out there already?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The debate:

As if the baby naming challenge is not enough, we also are trying to decide about preschool next year. Josh wants Kayden to go to preschool two years, I think one year is plenty.
My reasons against two years:
  • he will be in school the rest of his time with us, what's the rush?

  • I am not a morning person, and getting Kayden and baby ready in the morning would take some serious discipline...or a shorter work night.... on my part.

  • We go to Coffee Break on Tuesdays and MOPS every other Thursday anyway, so the interaction and time spent with other kids is about the same as it would be in school.

  • I am not ready to let my baby go to school!

  • Oh, one more thing...the money. With no employee discount on the horizon, I would rather hold off that tuition bill as long as possible.

The pros, according to Josh:

  • he will get an early start. The theory is that the earlier you get that brain stretching and challenged, the further along he will be when you get to kindergarten.

  • MOPS and coffee break are great for interaction....if Kayden would actually interact. He is all too comfortable sitting by himself and watching.

  • my days of sleeping in until 8 are probably over anyway with a new baby coming.

  • it is only really two days a week for four hours, and Josh is directly across the hall.

  • he will be almost four, not really a baby anymore.

So, please weigh in bloggers!! What did you do--one year or two of preschool? Did it make a difference?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Introducing: Kaydens acting skills

Take One:

Take Two:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


One of Kayden's favorite things is taking the periwinkle comforter off our bed, pulling it down the steps, and draping it over the couches to form a tent. Josh, who is a bit neater than I, does not like the comforter wiping the floor from our bed to the living room (probably due to the smashed cheese-it crackers that always end up on the floor; wish as I might, the dogs never eat the stuff I want them to).

Yesterday evening, after the comforter had already gone upstairs to offset daddy's arrival, Kayden looked back and forth between Josh and I.

"Daddy, I do not feel so good. Do you know what would make me feel better? The blue blanket, right here on the couch."

Manipulation at it's finest. Now, everything would make him feel better- soda, a brownie, piece of gum, watching Christopher Robbin. Give 'em an inch...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Work it Out

One more reason I am not going to the gym....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


We are officially under 100 days until this baby is born.

Well.....hopefully. Judging from past experience it could be more like 104 days, but here's to hoping!

As we are putting away Christmas stuff, we are taking out baby gear so I don't have to get back in the crawl space again. I am realizing that I really should have done a better job of storing things.