Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun Indeed

For as long as I can remember, I have had a very similar hair style to what currently is the do-long brown locks with a touch of strawberry mixed in. Not one to change things too drastically, I rest comfortably in the habits I have come to know since I first grew my hair in high school. My mom swore once I had kids I would chop it all off, yet this marks baby number two with no sign of scissors.

I have had it dark red, light blond, brown/blond, and a few colors in between. Yet I just can't summon the courage to cut it all off. As such, this website Michelle turned me onto, In Style Hair Makeover, is a fun time for this non-commital girl. Here are a few (notice none of them are too short:-)

The Cameron Diaz

Yikes! J Lo

Living Lohan


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's sinking in, Church Lady!

This morning, Kayden and I were sitting on the couch and he was playing with his beautiful craft from VBS last night. A clear water bottle, with aqua blue water thanks to food coloring, and a little Jonah floating around in the belly of the whale.

Kayden looked up at me and said, "God gave Jonah a spanking and then the whale threw him up."

Close enough for a three year old.

In case you do not hear it enough, Church Lady, thanks for making a difference in the lives of our kids!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kayden, 3 months

Bryce, currently

Okay, so I guess they look more alike than I thought.

A little "Hello" to all my bloggers

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yikes. Twice.

"He comes by it naturally," said the doctor when we weighed and measured Bryce today for his two month check up.

15 lbs, 9 oz.

25 inches plus.

Yep, that is the average five month old, folks. So much for having him look like a baby long.

Oh, and just because I put a new post up does not mean I am letting you off the hook for the Bible verse. I am seriously stuck! Thanks for the verses thus far, those are great.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am separating the Wet Happened? wet bag website from MiniMe BabyGear. I am looking for a verse for the front page, and I am running stuck because I want it to be relevant. For MiniMe BabyGear, I have always loved that verse and since I sell all baby products it seemed to fit.

But, what verse would apply for a website about storing wet items? Something in the storylines of Noah's Ark?

Help me, Bloggers!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I never gave this a thought when Kayden was born. Everyone vaccinated their kids; I never even considered the option of going against the grain.

I am not a big Jenny McCarthy fan. However, I caught her interview on Larry King Live where she was talking about the link between vaccines and autism. Part of what she said got me thinking. Her thoughts were that she would rather have a kid deal with measles or mumps than autism. I see some validity in her point. Why do we have so many vaccines in such a short amount of time? Does he really need to get five shots this coming friday at his two months check up?

What are your thoughts on the alternative schedule...

In summary, this is a vaccination schedule that I would recommend (medical professional speaking here):

No vaccinations until a child is two years old.
No vaccines that contain thimerosal (mercury).
No live virus vaccines (except for smallpox, should it recur).
These vaccines, to be given one at a time, every six months, beginning at age 2:
Pertussis (acellular, not whole cell)
Tetanus Polio (the Salk vaccine, cultured in human cells)

What are your thoughts, blogger nation?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

As this summer approached, we knew the daunting task of re-painting the pool was looming. Due about every five years, we dreaded it since we moved into this house. Largely due to our inexperience and not knowing where to start, and also the amount of work it is to strip down the walls with acid, clean the acid off with chemicals, scrub the tiles, blue tape, and then paint it, it was something we were not looking forward to. Josh took a Thursday and Friday off in order to open it, then Bryce went in the hospital that week so we delayed.

Once the cover had been removed, the water depth in the shadow was about six inches. The floor was not even visible there was so much debris and sludge. Picture above. Special thanks to my dad- who loves me so much he was willing to inhale fumes for two days and clean the sludge out of the bottom of my pool.

Two days later, and this is how it looks. I almost do not even want to put water in it. Kayden had so much fun running into the deep end and trying unsuccessfully to climb back out. Sliding down the incline has been his favorite part. Josh even looks short standing down there.

We already had our first pool goers. Freezing cold temperatures made them not stay in long.

Bryce is really starting to smile a lot these days. Sometimes for absolutely no reason, he will just start smiling and cooing. His onesie says "I'd rather be Naked". Usually when he is smiling the most, that is the case.

Stress is the word of the day around here. I am waiting on Large wet bags for each of these boxes. Everything that could have gone wrong with this manufacturing run, did. First, I had to wait three months for the outer cotton fabric. Then, I called to put the inner material on hold and they did not but assured me they would have more by the time I needed it--- and the new shipment got held up in customs for three weeks. Once it shipped to the manufacturer, she had started another project and could not work on them for two weeks and her two week turnaround time has gradually morphed into six weeks. UPS was supposed to ship three day and instead it took a week. It would not be so hard if I did not have so many people waiting and asking daily about them. I guess that is a good thing they are interested at all, but I am a people pleaser so I just get stressed. Thank God for family--my mom and brother took Wednesday and we bagged and tagged for 9 hours...half down, half to go.

My manufacturer for the Target bags is sending those out June 21st, so that is another stressful event. Between booking the shipment, setting up and reviewing all of Targets trade policies, learning how to read purchase orders and warehousing goods, I feel somedays like I am in a foreign world. This learning curve has been steep, but hopefully soon they will be here and in the stores and worth all the stress. Below are the styles that will hit the endcap August 1st-3rd in 300 stores. No word yet which stores they will be in, but when they are online, I will let you know.

I am so grateful Josh is out of school so I can play a little bit of catch up. At this point, though, all I am thinking about is vacationing somewhere with lots of sand and waves. Anyone going anywhere fun this summer?