Monday, July 27, 2009

The Final Softball Game

We had our final softball game of the year tonight.
A double header- if we won the first game, we would then get to advance to the championship game. After a rousing comeback from the BluGolds, the first game was finished for a W.

The second game started, and my brother's girlfriend, Kara, asked me what type of car I drove. As this is a strange question to ask, I told her the make and model of my car and then asked why.

"There was a hit and run in the parking lot," she said. "Don't worry, though. They said it was a gray vehicle, and yours is green, right?"


My gray SUV was sideswiped.

As I was still playing, I could not get to the parking lot to view it until the end of the game. I am choosing to be thankful and not pissed off.

Three things I am thankful for:
Neither of my kids were over there; they are healthy and safe. And darn cute, if you ask my opinion. Or my mom's.

It is still drivable

There were a couple witnesses that got a license plate. Although, the driver had a Florida plate so the police thought it would be pretty hard to find them. We will see about the power of google.

Wish me luck.

More luck than we had at our second game, anyway. We lost the championship. I am really okay with it, though, because the winner got a trophy. What? Is this first grade? I want a t-shirt. I have lots of thoughts on this, but it does bring up my biggest pet peeve--guys that walk in slow pitch softball. It seriously annoys me.

Josh has opportunity #2 for a championship tomorrow, as they are First Place in the Men's league.

As for my car, if you see me riding around with a smashed front end for a you know.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A question

Q: How do you make one hour feel like seven?
A: Go on the train with two kids under 5.

We left for Chicago Thursday, around 9:50, to make our 11:50 train. We should have left at 9:30.

Josh was stressed; I was in a bad mood, the kids were was just not a good start. Bryce started crying about an hour into our trip, and proceeded to scream, loudly and much like a cat would if being skinned alive, for the next fifty minutes. Consoling with suckers, candy, or soda was not working; I even crawled into Kayden's car seat on top of Kayden to soothe him. Finally as we exited the highway, he fell asleep.

By the time we got to the train station (with moments to spare), Josh drove around to find the lot full. I went in to purchase tickets with my MasterCard Debit to find that they only accept cash.

The train boarding went surprisingly well, seeing that we had a double stroller, two bags, one carry on full of junk, and two kids.

Kayden and Bryce did wonderful for the first hour. We had a great time viewing the cars and fellow passengers enter and exit the train. Right when they started getting squirrel-y, we arrived to our Millennium Park.

Our hotel was one mile away. It really did not seem that far to me when we booked it. We decided to walk, and Bryce decided he needed to be carried. Pushing the stroller, holding Bryce, and avoiding hoards of people went something like this:

Stop to wait for traffic light.
Watch light turn green.
Hear Kayden yell "look, there is the little white man!"
Start crossing the street, only to realize the ramp off the curb is a foot to the right.
Cut off three people to get to said ramp.
Cross the street.
Hear Josh lose his grip on the suitcase.
Turn around to see the suitcase falling on the ground and people dodging it, hopping over it, scowling.

Finally. The hotel is in sight. We walk into the cool lounge, a happy bellman welcoming our arrival. Truly a gorgeous hotel, I am sure that our journey has changed course. The checkout desk receptionist smiles and asks "May I help you?"

I give her our reservation....only to find out the hotel was never booked. Some glitch expedia has been having where the credit card never actually goes through. I am sent to the business center to sort through my e-mail (at $1 every three minutes), to no avail.

I start getting weepy and trudge back to the front desk. Thankfully, a room was available for only $20 more than our original booking.

We had a wonderful time. Lots of window shopping, a great Blog party, tons of quality time with the kids. Just fantastic.

Would I go back to Chicago? In a minute.
Would I take both the boys? In about five years.

Here is a slide show of our journey:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


44 lbs, and 27 whopping lbs.
Yikes. Twice.
And, wouldn't you know it-- we have two kids in the 95th percentile for height.

On a serious note, any of your kids deal with allergies? The good Doc said that Brycer need Claritin for his puffy eyes.

About Stinkin Time

Monday, July 13, 2009

You know your beach bag is big when...

Your son could be carried around in it

Your brother's girlfriend.

Cracks me up every time I think of her getting in this bag