Thursday, August 27, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving

My computer crashed a few weeks back.

I did what any respectable non-techy girl would do. I took it to my dad.

He worked with it all night, and could not figure it out.

Go to Plan B. My brother.

He is going to school for computer programming, and if anyone can fix it...he can.

He tore the thing apart, and found out that a faulty power connector was to blame. The part was as much as just replacing the computer, so I opted for a new PC. Sorry, Mac lovers.

Anyhow, my new computer came and my helpful brother helped get it up and running last week.

What happened to the old computer, you ask?
Well, it is parked right next to the desk. No use actually throwing it away when it can sit useless on the floor, right?

As I was walking past it this afternoon, my toe stubbed on the corner of the open computer.

It hurt pretty bad, but I was on my way to get Kayden a popsicle after all, so I needed to hurry to the fridge.

I noticed a trail of blood behind me when I took a good look.

Sliced the tip of my toe, right down the middle of my toe nail.

3 hours in the Urgent Care and a few stitches later, and the computer safely made it to the trash where it belongs.


This backpack sits as a constant reminder that, regardless how much I try to stop time, school is starting soon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For those without facebook...

your numbers are dwindling, ahem Fig, but for those without Facebook, here are a few from the Fair this evening...
looking at Kayden riding the cars

so much fun riding

Nate and Kara before they leave for Florida

Go fish

Josh fits in this helicopter about as well as he fit sin roller coasters


Bryce was not too sure he liked the slides

the horses

wanted to go on the helicopters...until they lifted off

More of the Fair

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I love me some freckles

Oh, those freckles.
I love 'em.
So much so.
One of our favorite pastime is "Counting Freckles". We start with his nose and move to his arms and neck, and finally to my favorite freckle- right above his belly button.
63 and counting.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kissing the Neighbor?

Around Christmas, my brother started dating my next door neighbor.

Scratch that.

Josh and I went on a blind date with them to bowling and Arnie's, and they have been joined at the hip ever since.

Her neice looks just like her, and often visits next door. Brycer has apparently taken a liking to her.

Hole in One

Who taught him to say that at the end.....Uncle Nathan?


In the last few weeks, we have had a lot of problems around here.

It all started with the dimmer switch in our living room. It just would not turn on.

We always eat family dinners on Sunday at our house, so we asked my dad to take a look at it. To describe my dad as handy is an understatement.

If it can be fixed, he can fix it.

Sure enough, dad grabbed his tool box out of his car and a half hour later, it was fixed.

Over the next few Sundays, something around here needed fixing every week.

Our door for the outside pool privacy fence toppled over. Before I knew it, Josh and my dad were pulling out the two by four and 40 lbs of cement.

We had electricity shocks shooting out of the wall in the playroom.

Another outlet in the living room that shocked you when touched.

A pool slide with broken legs that I got on Craig's List for $50 (I am really sorry about this one, dad). An all day affair, getting that bolted into the concrete.

As you can see, we really would be in a bind here without my dad.

That, however, is not the best part about him.

One look at the video below, and you will see.

He is hilarious. Quirky to a fault.

The very worst birthday singer- the louder and more off key the better.

I have so much fun with my family, and he is a big reason why.

I remember as a child walking into the indoor pool area of a hotel, and my dad and uncle were sitting in the lounge chairs in the shallow end of the pool.

All sorts of wonderful, great adventures were a normal part of my upbringing and I am so thankful I have a dad that loved us and spent so much time with us.

Thanks Dad. Happy 57th. Here's to 57 more:-)

Thursday, August 06, 2009


in more ways than one. I went to upload these to facebook, and it made my computer crash.

I honestly have no idea how there are so many of Chelle and I skiing and nothing else.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Threes Company

Yesterday evening, we decided to take the kids to the park.
After much swinging and sliding, Josh needed to use the restroom. After only seconds, I saw him walking back towards me with that sheepish grin I love.
"Someone beat me to it", he said. I wondered how that happened, since his legs are at least ten feet longer than the average Joe's. I have seen him walk at a brisk pace to avoid doing diaper duty, or conversation after church. I know he can move.
We headed towards the courts a while later and by that time I had to use the restroom.

*Not the actual restroom, as evidenced by the fact that it is actually, um, clean.

Standing outside, the smell was already wafting from underneath the door. I tried to open the door. Locked.
Wondering if perhaps the restrooms were closed for the evening, I turned to leave and heard shuffling of feet.
I waited a few minutes and knocked again.
More shuffling of feet.
At this point, I was intrigued.
I stood outside the door and heard walking back and forth, and then the water. When I am waiting to go to the bathroom, I always give a sigh of relief when the water comes on. It signals that the person using the restroom is almost finished, and it will be my turn shortly.
More shuffling of feet, then silence.
A brief rustling of paper towels, and then the water was back on.
At this point, my patience was running out. I was unsure why anyone would subject themselves, for any extended period of time, in such a stinky place.
I turned and caught Josh's eye across the playground. He motioned with his arms what was going on.

Heck if I knew.
Then the hand dryer turned on.
Enough with the washing of the hands, I thought. I know this is a public restroom and all, but come on.
I thought of knocking for the third time when a girl, about 14, opened the door. She was very pretty, but wore a guilty look. She tried to brush her hair over her face as she passed.
It only took two more seconds to realize why.
Out came Blond Hair Little Man {that had beat Josh earlier} , with a cat-like smirk across his face.
Just as I was processing that whole scenario, Smaller Dark Hair boy walks out behind him, laughing. None of them were over the age of 16.
I won't speculate as to what was going on in that bathroom, because I honestly do not know. I will say this. As she walked hand and hand out of the park exit, a huge part of me was saddened and wanted to chase after them and tell her she deserves better.