Monday, March 26, 2007

At my parents house, I know where everything is-- the stashes of candy my mom tries to hide from my dad, my old pair of slippers waiting in the laundry room bathroom for me to slip on my feet as I enter, my bright yellow fuzzy blanket I used as a child. There is a certain comfort for me in knowing that no matter how long between visits, it will always be familiar.

Tonight I was out to dinner with a friend who asked me what I thought about the Hancock Fabric store closing. I denied that it was even a possibility. Hancock is my home fabric store. Surely I would know if it was closing. Josh and I have run to that store so many times, I know it takes 22 minutes round trip if I throw my bulky roll of fabric over my shoulder and hustle to the cutting counter. No dawdling and looking through fabrics or trims- just a beeline knocking down anything in my path.

Will I be able to find the fabrics elsewhere? Probably. Mostly, I just hate change. I am used to that bulky fabric roll. I am familiar with the small brown crack on the corner of the cutting counter that I pick at while waiting for my cut.

"You can avoid having ulcers by adapting to the situation: If you fall in the mud puddle, check your pockets for fish." ~Author Unknown
So what happens if I do not like fish?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Blogger's Night Out, Part III

From left: MiniVan Mega Fun, MiniMe Mom, Me and My Boys, The Preacher's Wife, and Confessions in Caledonia

Every once in a while, I come across someone who outwardly cringes when I discuss blogging. By their own admission, they view them as a means of showing off how perfect ones life is (they obviously have not read mine). I see it very differently!
This group of women above would not be my friends without blogging. Perhaps our paths would have crossed somewhere in the future, but blogging has introduced some wonderfully warm and caring people into my life. In reading their blogs, I get a glimpse into their world, daily struggles, and hilarious stories. I am so grateful for these friends and the opportunity to talk about anything and everything for three hours once a month. I look forward to our next visit already!


Nursery: I love it and I hate it at the same time. I love getting to sit in church without distractions. No one tugging at my sleeve or asking "Mommy Carry You". I know Kayden is having fun with his "girlfriend" Joy. Unfortunately, germs run rampant. Fevers of 103 and the current little nugget picked up in nursery: pink eye.
Taken earlier this week in one of his favorite outfits (yes, observant blogger. It is his Halloween costume):

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Daily Grind

Upon returning home yesterday, I noticed a little treasure sticking out of my mail box. Oh, happy day! I popped out of my car, ran over and tore open the package mid street. You know what I was so excited about? Zippers. My life is extremely dull lately.

Life seems to be in a holding pattern, stuck between winter and spring. I am waiting for the warm weather- longing to plant flowers, clean off the swingset, get out the patio furniture, throw open the windows and breathe that first warm air of spring. Josh has already decided spring is here and opened all of our storm windows, leading to some mighty chilly drafts.

So, for now, I will try to remain content in the daily grind over here, biding my time until mid- April when Florida comes calling.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

For Chelle:

It's all Relative

I remember a couple of years ago, Josh and I went to a football game in California. It was pretty late in the year- possibly the end of November. Anyway, we were having unseasonably cold weather, so I took along my scarf, mittens, hat and gloves. As I sat in the stands with the other spectators, we kept griping and complaining to each other how cold it was- trying to scrunch together with the hopes of stealing body heat. Hot chocolate was $2 at that game, high by any standard. I think I bought three cups.

As we were exiting the stadium, I told Josh I was surprised that it was not snowing, to which he pointed up to a bank flashing the temperature. 62 degrees. I was a true Californian.

It's all relative, huh? Wasn't today a glorious day! 50 degrees, sun shining! We even took a walk, sans coat, with Kayden. He ran down the street jumping all the way. It is unreal how much extra energy and happiness the sun and warm weather bring to the Bird House.

Michigan Temperature Chart:::
60 above North Carolinians try to turn on the heat. People in Michigan plant gardens.
50 above Californians shiver uncontrollably. People in Michigan sunbathe.
40 Above People in Michigan drive with the windows down.Italian & English cars won't start.
0 People in Miami all die... Michiganders lick the flagpole.
60 below Polar bears begin to evacuate the Artic. Michigan Boy Scouts postpone 'Winter Survival" classes until it gets cold enough.
297 below Microbial life no longer survives on dairy products. Cows in Michigan complain about farmers with cold hands.
460 below ALL atomic motion stops. People in Michigan finally get out their winter coat
500 below Hell freezes over.The Lions win the Super Bowl!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Low cut leotards

Yesterday I encountered sweating, panting, grunting, and a blue low-cut stretch shiny leotard. And that was just Tae Bo founder Billy Blanks.

Before I had Kayden, I was really in shape. I taught aerobics, and was very strict with my diet. I was even known to write down every calorie I ate in order to fit into that elusive size two pant. Now, I am not sure either of those words even exist in my daily life. Size Two? Maybe one leg.

Before kids: I headed all the way to Studio City to pay twelve dollars for a class at the famous Billy Blanks Tae Bo studio. Red carpet, a heater set to full blast, lots of skinny surgically enhanced women, and the man himself teaching what he had become famous for: Tae Bo. It was a craze back then, and I was a true believer in the body transformation results of Tae Bo.

Seven Years later: it has been three years since my last workout. We loaded into a small room in the corner of my parents church with a VHS of Tae Bo in the VCR. Lots of out of shape moms, huffing and puffing through the "beginner" work out.

It's a start.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Calvin College

We drove in the front entrance, unloaded the diaper bag, and climbed over a snow mound to get to the commons area at Calvin College this evening. A few of the teachers (now administrators) from California were in town tonight interviewing for the positions open at Redlands Christan school. We also met up with five of Josh's former fourth graders that are students there. A couple thoughts came to mind:
  • The Calvin college campus, including the common's area, is in need of some major updating.
  • Seeing all those former students made Josh and I miss California, and on a smaller scale- four quarter basketball. Two of the former students used to play basketball for Josh, and that team was probably the most fun we have ever had in a season. Five period ball blows!
  • I realized talking to these students just how old we are that our fourth graders are now in college.
  • Josh was offered the fourth grade position open at Redlands Christian, and I seriously think if I wasn't there he might have accepted:-)
  • I now see why kids miss mom's cooking- that food was horrible!
  • Being in college is a lot of fun. Stories were told of daily life, and although there is some stress involved with studying, a lot of college is carefree and fun.
  • I miss the orange groves. That could possibly be what heaven smells like. If you have never experienced the smell of fresh, dewy orange blossoms first thing in the morning or late at night- you are missing out, friend.
Although it is only about fifteen minutes from our house, Calvin College seems like another world. I am sure it feels that way to all of these California transplants, too.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Better than a celebrity

When I used to be a visitor to Michigan instead of a resident, I always tagged along with my parents to their church-Chapel Point in Jenison. They recently built a beautiful new building, and this morning was the dedication service for the community to come in and have a tour.

The church and service was very lovely, but the thing I was most excited about was seeing someone better than a celebrity in my book- Uncle Charlie! He came in as a special guest for all of the younger age kids. I remember listening many of my childhood years to the Children's Bible Hour and grew up loving that program. I even wrote letters to Uncle Charlie and was thrilled when he wrote me back. In fact, I was more giddy seeing Uncle Charlie than meeting some nationally known celebrities.

He looked nothing like what I imagined. I always thought he would look like Tom Bosley (the dad on Happy Days). Anyone else grow up listening to Uncle Charlie?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Why's of Life

Everywhere I turn lately, there seems to be death....From far away-the tornado, the deadly bus crash, to close by- one of my frequent blog commenter's, Joan, dad is dying after her mom just passed away two weeks ago.

It makes me stop and think about the why's of life. Why the suffering, Lord? Amazing how God always leads you to a great devotional when your heart searches for answers.

I read about the murder of John the Baptist, whom Jesus said "Among these born of woman there has not risen anyone greater." I know I have thought to myself why God would have allowed such a senseless death to occur, and for such a seemingly stupid reason. However, any questions as to why are met with silence in the Bible. No explanation like we offer these days like, "Well, I am sure God had a great reason or a higher purpose for allowing him to die." It says that Jesus just slipped away to mourn privately. I am sure if there was any great, significant reason for John to die that way, Jesus would have explained it.

You know how you click on a blog and it takes you to another blog? By the time you click five or six times, you have no idea how you got to the resulting blog? I ended up Here, reading about Katie. One of the eight that said goodbye to her mom, a tornado preventing her from ever return home. I am sad for her family, for my friend Joan who is now saying goodbye again. I have no platitudes for you- only to say that soon, now, very soon. God will dwell among his people, and we will discover why.

Katie and Michelle are cool

Katie and Chelle have such cool headers, I just had to make one for myself. Not nearly as wonderful as theirs, but I had more fun than I want to admit making a new one. Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

ETA I am not finished with the changes, I just do not have time right now to make it exactly how I want it!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Diet Coke and Mentos

Have you guys seen this experiment?

Someone has a little too much time on their hands! Makes me want to go outside and try it.

Moving out

My neighbors are moving today. I hear the big semi outside and the hustle and bustle of people. I'm happy for them, but now we are going to have an empty house sitting next to us, and for how long? They will accept renters, too, so I am just hoping someone moves in with a small child that Kayden could play with. They did have a large Mother Mary statue outside that donned Christmas lights year round, so I guess I won't mind that being gone.

I think this gray weather is coloring my outlook, seeing dead grass and an abandoned house for the next year seems a bit depressing.