Monday, August 13, 2012

13 month Development Check

Today was developmental clinic.

Seven different medical professionals checking Tessa out.

It is a three hour appointment, with very few breaks in between specialists.

They are a well oiled machine, I tell ya.

She is 17 lbs and 6 ounces, 27.5 inches long.

When they handed me the sheet with Tessa's information on it, I almost thought they had her age incorrect.

How can she be 13 months already?!

And how do we have a baby that measures in the .28% for height? :-)

Everything is on track. She is measuring more like a nine month old than a ten month old....but honestly, I am thrilled.

We have it good.

Praising God for her life, and how "normal" she is!

Saturday, August 04, 2012


I love Summer, and this year has not disappointed.

We have had a great one.

Honestly, it has been darn near perfect- my favorite summer to date!

Something has been nagging me a bit, though.

A suggestion placed on the back burner last year that has repeatedly come to my mind.

When Tessa spent last summer in the NICU, I barely ate. I was sick of paying for cafeteria food, (although Josh might disagree) one can only eat Smashburger so many times in a week, and I never had my act together to bring food in from home. I loved holding her all day, so I would gladly let mealtime pass in lieu of more cuddle time.

Josh and I were discussing service projects at the end of the school year. Our old nurses said they have been trying to implement a free lunch/snack station in the NICU family room, but no one has taken on the project.

Over and over, I think about how different this summer is and how I would love to help out other families. To say we were loved on is an understatement.

The biggest thing I am worried about is my own follow through. I am really excited and on the ball in the beginning, but seem to fade as time marches on and the newness wears off.

Not really a whole lot of cohesiveness to this blog post, huh?:-)

Josh reminded me yesterday that we have two weeks from Monday before he goes back, so I guess my mind is gearing up to actually do something productive!

I hope summer is also treating you well. Before I know it, these hot days of horseback riding, cottage visiting, swimming, and relaxation will be only a distant memory.

For now, at the Bird house, we are savoring every last bit of this awesome summer!