Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dutch roots backfired

Birthdays were always made a huge deal growing up. My mom and dad always took great care to make us feel special on our big day. They still do. During teenage years, my mom even let me skip school to spend one on one time with her at Woodland Mall every November.

As I have gotten older, it is definitely more fun to celebrate the boys' birthdays than my own.

Great Wolf Lodge has become the place we gravitate to celebrate. Kayden requested it two years ago, and the tradition has carried down to Brycer.

The only problem: it is far easier to get a room mid-October than first of April.

The closest we could get was last weekend. We banked on staying two nights, but only booked one. Every other time we have gone, a slip has been placed under the door offering a great deal if you extend your stay to the second night.

Josh awoke at 7 am and headed to the front desk to partake in our good deal. $369 for the same room we had just paid $160 for. Guess we will have to book two nights next time. The Dutch roots backfired on me:-)

Kayden was so proud that he rode the slides by himself, and Brycer had a great time hopping the slides in the kiddie pool. Both boys favor the basketball hoops, although it was out of commission the first night after a Code AFR.

Upon leaving, Kayden burst into tears, wanting to know when we could visit again.

Overall, it was a great overnight trip to celebrate Bryce's upcoming birthday. Cannot believe my baby is about to be three years old!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pet Peeve of the Week

Perhaps having the flu made me cranky, but these things annoyed me this week.

In descending order:

3. Wearing your sunglasses indoors. At ten o'clock at night. I might understand if we, you know, actually had sunlight here in Michigan.

2. Using text language in real life. Hearing WTH? or LOL or TTYL roll off a person's tongue just doesn't seem natural.

1. I am not opposed to dog sweaters, or canine clothes for that matter. I don't mind dog purses, but I don't love puppy strollers. What really annoys me most of all shoes. It just seems inhumane. I have yet to see a dog walking normally while wearing a pair of boots.

I suppose it could be worse, though....

I am guessing they are not Louboutins.