Friday, February 29, 2008

The Lazy Mans way...

or, rather, the lazy girls way to send out a coffee invite.

I do not have all your personal e-mails handy, but would love to do coffee again soon. I miss my fellow bloggers!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Be the First to Enter

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I am putting this contest together, it should go live tomorrow sometime on my site. Thought I would give you a sneak peak and a chance to win. Even if you are past baby stage, it still is fun to enter and they make great gifts:-)


Why, oh why, do I now have Shrek feet?

and cankles?


Friday, February 15, 2008

We love the Grand Rapids Children's Museum! Bob the Builder is there now, one of my favorite exhibits they have had.
So, on Wednesday, we packed up and headed downtown. On the way back, Kayden said he was so hungry; off to McDonalds we went. After a little ways, I noticed Kayden was really quiet, so I looked back to see he was choking. Five 'throw-ups" later, and a big old mess in my car, I headed home feeling shaken. It is a helpless feeling, and I miserably failed at being pro-active in the situation. I just sat there looking at him, like, is this really happening?
The rest of the day passed without incident (other than Josh's team winning the semi- final game. Go Professional Pharmacy) so I figured I would take better care to keep an eye on him eating in the car.
Fast forwad to 1am. [Side note: In our house, we actually have a intercom system throughout the house, albeit an old one. However, that is not the attention grabber of choice. If one of us wants the other one, we proceed to the nearest wall and bang.] I heard some banging, so went to go check. Lots and lots more sickness. I felt so bad for the poor kid. I was actually so relieved to know Kayden had the flu, and that he had not been choking earlier at McDonalds. Two day of washing around the clock later....
I need to also give a big thanks to my hubby who is so much better with this than me. I can handle it for just so long without feeling queasy myself. Dad rocks.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Boys basketball.
8th graders vs. Boys team at Byron
Scheduled: January 22, 4PM
Cancelled due to weather/ no school
Resheduled: January 29, 4PM
Cancelled due to weather/no school
ReScheduled: February 6, 4PM
Cancelled due to weather/ no school
Rescheduled: February 11 (today)
Cancelled due to weather/ no school
Anyone see a theme, here? Perhaps we should STOP rescheduling this game.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday

A few pictures from the school party.

The cake --isn't is awesome?
Being mauled by 4th graders

A few highlights from the day:

*riding to the Zeeland 8th grade boy's basketball game. Three junior high girls. My car officially seats two, so one rode in the far back "trunk space".
*Kayden reciting his Sylvester/Tweety monologue, ending in "Drop It, Drop It, Drop It" louder and louder the more attentive the audience of giggling girls was.
*the basketball game. Although it resulted in a loss, the boys played better than they ever had before and it was truly a great game with the final score being only 1 pt difference. Bitter wife predictably blames it on bad refs.
*Grandma Birdy's surprise cupcakes. Yum.
*Josh opening half-eaten presents. While wrapping earlier in the day, I took a phone call and Kayden chewed through eight pieces of gum in about five minutes. Opening half a pack of gum just ain't the same.
*the present Kayden left for Josh in the potty chair. We have been trying for #2 on the potty for four months now. We even took a picture to send to my parents in Hawaii....TMI? Now, that is all Kayden wants to see. Proud already at age three.

And now, in honor of my annual birthday tradition of sharing facts Josh would hate me sharing....

10. He hates the smell of eggs, tuna fish, coconut, and nursing homes. Well, I agree with that last one. And tuna.
9. He hates Duke. With a passion.
8. He must love me (a lot) to leave sunny So Cal to live in this weather.
7. He loves all frozen foods- pizza, mozzarella sticks, fries, chicken tenders. Good thing he is tall or he could possibly weigh 400 pounds.
6. Mirage Tanning is still in business solely because of Josh. I actually looked into buying a tanning bed for Christmas to save us money.
5. He bumps his head at least once a week. I flew back to buy this house alone...not realizing our staircase and basement bathroom ceiling is too short.
4. His truck is called the Green Hornet. Don't look too close or you might see the muffler...falling off. No, seriously.
3. He is taking master's classes at GVSU, and loves every minute of it. Even though he is in class with all women. Wait, that may possibly be why he loves it?
2. He never answers his cell phone. Ever. For a long time, I thought it was just when I called, but it really is universal.
1. He cleaned toilets in college. For a job. For minimum wage. No wonder he is so willing to clean ours.

All kidding aside, I am so blessed to have him as a husband. Without being too mushy, I love spending time with him, am so happy for his unconditional support, proud of the father he has become, and am honored God brought him to me. Happy Birthday, dear!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Need vacation!

My parents left for Hawaii on Friday morning, and I cannot stop thinking about vacation; specifically our lack of. Seems like everyone I know is either 1) already away or 2) going away soon (yes, I am talking about you Triplet Mom).

Instead of vacationing on the sandy beaches or whisking away to Mexico to relax in the sun, we are trying to come up with a place for a small getaway as consolation. We were thinking Double J, since it would be fun for Kayden (although not the slightest bit of vacation for us with all the screaming kids). I thought some of you had bad experiences with it, though, am I right?

So, here is my mission, fellow bloggers. I need to find a place that is:
  • within driving distance, as we only plan on going overnight
  • affordable
  • includes some sort of indoor activities that would be fun for a three-year-old
  • warm water if it is a pool area
  • not terribly overcrowded (this last one might be asking too much!)

Anyone know of this place?