Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fish Follow Up

One down, Three to Go...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Eleven Years

More than any other year, I have really gotten to "see" Josh this year.

I have had to rely on him in ways that I haven't in the past.

Lessons have been learned about how awesome he is as a leader, and just how much that man loves me.

The boys adore him, and I sincerely thank God that they have such a wonderful role model to look up to. If both of them turn out just like him, I would consider myself one lucky lady.

Thus far, they both have the basketball part down.

Unofficially titled "Why Josh is the Coolest Ever":

Even when he deserves to be, he is never critical. Never once has he told me my breath stinks, I look fat in a dress, or if I could please not wear my retainers to bed.

This summer, when my brother got married, almost every picture of Josh was of him engaged in an act of service for someone else- holding the door open, moving flowers, helping the minister out. Can you find him? :-)

Last Saturday, I went to Chicago with my mom and sister in law on the Amtrak train. Josh woke me up to make sure I got out of bed on time (with a back rub, none the less). A peeled orange was on my dresser for breakfast when I got out of the shower. When I came downstairs, Josh had my gloves and hat laid out for me, along with GPS directions in my phone for how to get to the train station and where to park.

I am humbled that God chose me to marry this man.

In an effort to lighten up this post, I have included a few pictures from years past. My digital camera only goes back to 2004, but here are a few favorites:

Yes, that is our dogs in a baby stroller. No, he did not take them for a walk.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This blog has been neglected.
Partly because I have not had much to say.

Christmas concerts,

seeing the trains at Meijer Gardens,

lots of MMBG work,

seeing Santa, and all the other activities surrounding this joyous time of year have kept the Bird household very busy.
Hope your season has been as activity filled and happy as ours.