Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There are times I just don’t feel worthy, you know?

I yell at my kids, I gossip about my neighbor, or have a nasty attitude.

My head knows the gift of salvation is free, completely unmerited, and without any condemnation. That does not stop Satan from telling me I don’t deserve it. That I have to work for it. That it can’t possibly be as easy as it really is.

I was having one of those days- where the dog puked on the carpet, the kids were fighting, my curling iron broke, and Tessa lost my keys. My mood did not line up with that of the virtuous woman.

I felt un-lovable.

How could this perfect God love me, and straight up forgive me with no strings attached?

Surely it has to be earned.

A little while later, I was cleaning our hermit crab's cage.

It stunk. BAD.

I lifted out the sponge to clean it and a bunch of hermit crab legs came with it.

Knowing this was the end of dear old hermy, I went to throw away the entire cage but stopped to double check the shell.

There, tucked neatly inside, was hermy with a new set of legs.

I started laughing because the lesson was so tangible. I shed off my old stinky self and was made a NEW creation. I can no more go back to my old self that that hermit crab can put on the discarded legs.

I love God Moments like that-- where God reminds me that He sees me white as snow. 

Jesus paid it all for me, all to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain, 
Jesus washed white as snow.