Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A few posts ago I mentioned watching a mother bird build a nest right outside my kitchen window. For a week, I struggled on tip toe to see how many babies were in there- if I would catch a glimpse of a tiny beak. Initially, I thought there were two:

Growing bigger-- they are so ugly they are cute!
Imagine my surprise when I looked in there and saw four! They are starting to spread their tiny wings, all of them have their eyes opened, and are getting too big for the nest!

I have wasted more time watching these baby birds! The reflection of the sun blocks me from the mother's view, so I can view them from about a foot away from their nest. I am going to be sad when they fly away! I have witnessed God's nature at it's finest!

Also, I am sure many of you moms have come across this. Thank God they are washable crayons!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why, Oh Why??

Would it kill gas stations, since they are making record profits and all, to actually have nice restrooms for us ladies to use? I am not asking for the Ritz, here people, I am just asking for something that has been cleaned in the last month. For the price we are paying for gas, kick a little back to the people, Exxon Mobile. At least then I will feel like I am getting something for my $10 a gallon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Little Lucy

Alright, fellow bloggers--I try to keep business separate from this blog most days, but I could not resist showing off Little Lucy. She is so adorable, and did so well for our photo shoot!

I simply adore her little hands and feet and precious face. Thanks, Katie, for the great photos and Emily for letting me use her!
Just a small note: If you think of it today, please pray for my mom. She is going in for ear surgery. She has tumors growing in her ears that can attach to her brain (one is actually very close to doing so now), causing meningitis and all sorts of other problems. She went in last year at about this same time for the other ear, and it is a long and painful recovery, so if you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for my mom, Jan, that would be appreciated!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Calling All Swimmers:

Don't ya just love all those plastic toys???

Well, it is finally open after much frustration and, I will admit it, a little crankiness from me. I could not get my pump working this year. The two previous years we had it opened for us, and I thought it high time to learn! Kayden has already almost fallen in four times.

Anyway, starting in June once school is out, Friday is open swim day for the kiddos. From 1-4 every friday we open the pool to neighborhood and friends. If you are interested in coming, please just swing on by! I will give a reminder once school is out, but we really do love "open swim". It is a lot of fun to grow new friendships and relax.

Rules, Rules (I really only have two):

1) Bring your own snacks/drinks and (if you remember) towels.
2) Each parent must watch their own children. From time to time I need to run into the house, and feel better about each parent being responsible for the kids they bring.

Only 17 more days of school, right???

Friday, May 11, 2007

A Blog about a Frog

Every teacher has to take a turn doing chapel at school. Today was Josh's day to be in charge-teaching a lesson to the K-5th graders. We decided about a month ago to focus on the fruits of the spirit, and thought it would be memorable to attach a live animal example to each fruit. So, we asked Josh's class which animals they have as pets, then I researched each one and attributed it to a fruit of the Spirit. Granted, many of the traits are oversimplified. We just wanted something unique so kids remember each fruit. For example: dogs=love. We used our dog Carmelo as the example and told how even when we get mad and punish him, he still wags his tail and is happy to see us- giving us unconditional love.

We got rolling right along, and went through the leopard gecko representing gentleness due to their gentle disposition, and the rabbit that stood for goodness (It was the one of the only pets Lincoln would let into the White House). The turtles were next representing patience, followed by a snake for peace. Then we got to the frog.

Opening the net top, one of the fourth graders went to grab the frog and it leaped onto another fourth grade girl. She, of course, screamed bloody murder. It hopped around a couple more times, leading to more screaming and running from the frog. Scrambling for the frog, the owner finally caught it. Just as soon, it slipped free again.... hopping straight for the kindergarten class. You guessed it- mass pandemonium. Kids screaming, jumping out of their seats, running around frightened. Finally, Mrs. Wells caught the frog and put it back inside the bucket.

So, what did the frog stand for, you ask? Self Control. (Frogs are excellent swimmers, but if they do not have the control to go to land for a break, they will drown.) So much for that fruit. I guarantee every kid in that place will never forget what frogs stand for though!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A few pictures from Thursday- it sure was fun to have Joy around. The most fun part is that she is so girly! We played with tiaras, picked flowers, played with boas, looked at dresses. It was fun playing with something other than cars or trucks.

When I sit down at my kitchen table, I look out the window to see this:

...a robin ready to have baby birdies. Watching her build a nest, and fly in and out has been one of our favorite things these days.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Pretty Boy" Floyd

In lieu of the fight Saturday night between "Pretty Boy" Grand Rapids local Floyd Mayweather and "Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya, I thought I would share a small story from my past.
When I was a freshman in college, I met a little blond haired girl, Jennifer, while we were on a class smoke break outside ( I cannot believe I actually smoked that much!). We actually have been friends ever since. Anyway, we always had a lot of fun together and as a last hurrah before I got married, a whole bunch of us girls went to this place called "the Grotto". Right as we were about to leave for the evening, this guy came up and introduced himself. His pick up line was " I am going to be on ESPN this Saturday night". Yeah right, I thought. "For what?" I asked, to which he replied "boxing". He proceeded to tell me about his three houses and how famous he was. I had never heard of him.
During that season of my life, I was working towards become an attorney, and I loved to argue. I thought he was lying and told him so. Josh and I were rubbing elbows with Wayne Gretsky's agent and all sorts of sports talent, so even if he was a local celebrity, I was not impressed. Stubborn as I am, he tried for fifteen minutes to convince me he was a "somebody" to no avail. Sure enough, I open the paper the next morning, and who is on the front page? This guy-Floyd Mayweather. He was telling me the truth. Oopsie. Every time I hear about this fight, I am immediately transported back to 1999, the "Grotto", and bickering with Pretty Boy Floyd.