Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catch up

This is what Tessa thinks of my blogging.

I will try to somewhat catch up.

Snow days. We have had a few of them lately.
Things to keep my kids busy:

Grandma took them to Chuck E Cheese. 

Bryce found one machine that flipped coins into a bucket, and spit out 30 tickets. That kid had so much fun watching the tickets add up.
Kayden shoots baskets 80% of the time. 

Tessa enjoys gathering tickets that other kids forgot to pull out of the games.

Me? My favorite is the Deal or No Deal game. 

Most school nights, I try to do an "activity" with the kids. We have a bucket and they pick one thing out. The rules are NO fighting. If they fight even once, we stop mid-activity and try again the next night.

Above is when Josh was in charge-- he went all out with tunnels and lava floors, upstairs in all three rooms and downstairs. It warmed my heart to see Bryce, with sheer determination on his face, cross the finish line. He is out to prove he can hang with his brother. 

Building a fort

After the "wipe-out" obstacle course. 

After riding the horses and playing in the play area. 

I feel so fortunate because these boys adore her. They followed her around for at least ten minutes, chasing her and trying to get her to smile. 

Sometimes even she gets in on the crazy action. Notice she still has a headband on :-)

Swimming at East Kentwood is always a favorite.

Lava lamps- this was an awesome activity. Fill a water bottle a little over half full with vegetable oil. Fill the rest with water. Add ten drops of food coloring. Add a half a tablet of Alka Seltzer. The food colored water bubbles up through the veg. oil-- my kids played with these for over a half hour. 

Crazy hair day

Do you see this hugging? I had to snap a picture.

Notice all my dad's Star Trek stuff in the background :-) 

She loves cereal. And dumping cereal. Or dumping any type of cracker/chip/bag. It's hilarious, don't you know?

I think she was sick here...but this is another favorite. My toothbrush is always in her hand. My mom bought her a couple for Christmas, which she also loves, but mine seems to be the one that gets dragged all over the house.

Thank God I took a few sanitizing bags home from the hospital!

Our Monday and Saturdays are full of Upward basketball. It is the highlight of his week. 

It is wrong to say he will always be my baby? 

They do this every once in a while- just sit and cuddle and watch cartoons. Cracks me up.

Preschool Christmas celebration. Bryce loves preschool, his teacher, his friends. He shows excitement for every project he finishes. I may or may not cry when this year is over.

 After 15 years of faithful service, the Green Hornet went to its final resting place in the junk yard. Kayden cried and cried, because "dad promised me I could one day have the Green Hornet!"

The White Knight is a sufficient replacement, Kayden thinks.

Augh! This photo warms my heart.

All four of us had the opportunity to get away from kids (17, mind you) and spend the entire day in Chicago. We ate without wiping boogers, did not change one diaper, or break up one fight. We shopped and stopped for coffee, took our time and talked without interruption.

I think, at dinner, all of us wanted to skip out on the bus and stay overnight for just a little more time.

It was glorious.

I love these girls. 

This is what my two little ones do ALL the time.

Sometimes Tessa sits in the back car while Bryce drives, or they haul animals, or one chases the other....hours and hours and hours, this train provides entertainment.
Even though I was hesitant to have one.more.thing in this house--- mom, you were right. 

Until next time, my friends.

Oh, and did I mention Josh turns 40 on Tuesday?


More on that soon:-)