Thursday, June 28, 2007


Some of you have requested to see the news segment. I had a hard time uploading it through photobucket, but the direct link is on this page:

Just click on the Channel 13 icon, and it will take you directly to it after the car ad. Don't be too harsh! I was pretty nervous:-)

Monday, June 25, 2007

A few new videos

Because I could watch this 100 times and still laugh...

He looks huge in this video, huh?

What we do on a Sunday afternoon at my parent's house for entertainment. Yes, we are dorks.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good To Go.

Beware: Soap BoxIt seems like every time we order take-out lately, I feel like I have to tip the To Go worker. I worked at Applebees-- I know that it takes them a little while to put the order together. I remember many nights, however, where the TO GO specialists made far more than me waitressing. I even overheard one of them lamenting about someone only tipping them $2.

My Question is this: When did we have to start tipping for TO GO's?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Every Wed. night after softball games, we invite the team to our house for swimming. Apparently, my brother thought the water was a little chilly....
or perhaps he was teasing my dad whom would really like a wet suit for swimming.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I hope you all had a great father's day. Some of my fondest memories of my dad:

Eating popsicles with him and my brother Nathan when I was little.

Sneaking to the parking lot with all three of us kids in tow when it was icy. Mom used to hate us doing donuts, but dad did them anyway.

My dad is a handy man. I am always asking him for help around the house or to fix something broken. I did not even realize that all guys do not possess this handyman gene. I could bring him almost anything and he could fix it like new.

The day I got married. My dad teased me for months that he would do a happy dance down the aisle. The actual day of my wedding, my dad was emotional all day. Walking me down the aisle, giving Josh my hand, kissing my dependence on him as the man in my life goodbye.

My grandpa had a cottage on Hess Lake. It did not matter how many friends I took along or how long we wanted to tube or ski. Dad drove the boat, catering to our liking. He never complained about driving or the hot sun...only now that I have my own kid do I realize what a sacrifice it was to give up his free day to make ours fun.

Flying home when my grandpa died. My grandpa was my hero- actually a lot of people's hero. One of those great men- worked tirelessly for the homeless, did everything for his family, used his life's savings to bring his family joy. He had that special quality of making everyone feel like you were his favorite. I was devastated when he died as it was very unexpected. I flew home and stepped off the plane to my awaiting parents. My dad had tears in his eyes. I had such respect for him because he did not try to hide his feelings.

He always gave me the frosting off his cake, still does.

I remember as a child, the place we went camping had a big hill. I fell down and was embarrased because a couple of friends were along. I remember my dad asking me if I wanted to hold his hand. He probably does not even remember it, but I remember telling him no and then later being so upset that I missed the chance to hold his hand.

Above all, I am so thankful I was blessed with such a great dad. Not everyone is so fortunate to have someone who wanted to be such a large part of their kid's life.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pastor Scott Leaving???

Look out into the crowd after church, and you will see many people talking and milling about. My husband will not be one of them. Immediately once church is out, he heads--or should I say runs--for the door.

Before we were married, he got into the habit of leaving before the final song to avoid the "yappers" as he likes to call people like me. I really like "yapping", so now we stay for the final song; I head for the people, he heads for the door.

When I am in nursery, we drive separately to church. Some of the kids were getting a little antsy for mom and dad to come back, so I looked to see if the service was finished. Who did I see trying to slyly sneak out the door unnoticed during the final song? You guessed it.

Arriving home a bit later, Josh was sitting at the kitchen table. Following is our conversation:
Jamie: "Hey, I have to know. What did they say about Pastor Scott leaving the church?"
Josh: "What?" looking befuddled. "Oh, I am not sure.."
Jamie:"They said at the end of the service that Pastor Scott was leaving. What did they say about it?"
Josh: Scratching his head, and looking at me confused. " I don't really know. I must have missed that part."
Jamie:"You don't even remember hearing anything about it? They made the announcement at the end of the service. You do not remember at all what they had to say?"
Josh" "No, I am sorry- I think I missed it."
Jamie:"Could it be because you were not present?"
Josh: Laughing, hysterically. "Busted"

Sometimes it's just plain fun to mess with Josh.

That'll teach. Being 6'8" has its disadvantage-- no such thing as sneaking discreetly out the door early.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Senior Pranks

Yesterday morning, Josh was playing pick up ball at East Kentwood High School when a teacher interupted them in the gym.
"Did you hear that school is cancelled today?" he asked the other players, most of which were fellow teachers at East Kentwood High.
None of them had heard the news, so they continued playing. Two minutes later, one of the head teachers received a phone call asking them to evacuate the school.

Bomb Threat.

Although I would not classify this as a senior prank, that is what it was. Kids must be losing their creativity. Even though it was a million years ago, our senior pranks were awesome- throwing water balloons at freshman, hiding open tuna fish in library books, dying the lawn at school with the year of our class, letting a pig loose in the hallway, hanging bras in the trees.

My mom's class moved the Principal's car into the creek. I am not sure he was so happy about that one. So, what about you? Any good ones?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Diane Sawyer I ain't.

Blogging has taken a back seat this week. Three reasons why:

The start of softball! Okay, Okay. I hear you now. Jamie playing softball? I seem more like an "indoor girl", right? I not only play-- I love it! We play on Wed. nights (we are still in need of one girl if anyone out there wants to play). One of my first posts was about the greatest sports moment of my life- winning the softball tourney last year. There are so few sports memories to choose from, it was not hard to hone in on that one. More than anything, we have a lot of fun.

Deep in me is a hermit longing to get out. Far too much time in my basement has left me feeling like a hermit. It must be summer and swimsuit season for all the Wet Happened? bags that have been ordered this week.

Remember that "before" picture of my sewing room? Well, it looked exactly like that Wed. night. Not great when the news crew was coming Thursday morning. My solution? Shove the mess in the closet, drawer, spare room. Now I am unable to find anything! Even as we speak, I am looking for my card reader. No luck. I will have to find it later and post pix then.

Thanks to all for the nice comments regarding my TV segment. That is nerve wracking! Even though I am not really a drinker, a good shot of vodka would have been just the ticket.