Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chinese Lanterns: Lesson learned

The night was perfect for a Hot Air Balloon festival. 

Although the fairgrounds charged $5 for parking, my grandpa's house butts right up to the parking lot. There is even a hinged gate to unlock for entrance.

Free parking- score!

Swarms of people crowded in to see various shape and size balloons take flight as the announcer told who they were and where they were from. 

The line for elephant ears was 45 minutes long. We did not partake in one, much to the disappointment of my kids.

The Chinese lantern launch was scheduled for 9:30 pm, but as the clock rolled towards ten fifteen, Tessa was getting sleepy. Hot Air Balloon baskets still had to be hauled off the center field, and we did not know how much longer that would take.

We decided to launch the lanterns in my grandpa's backyard before heading home.

We unpacked the first lantern and watched as the center combustible pad started burning.

Josh gave it a gentle push toward the sky and we all gazed in amazement as it started rising over his house. 

"That is going to get stuck Grandpa's antenna," I heard my dad say.
The lantern tipped to the side, flames bursting out the bottom, as it lodged itself into the antenna atop his house.

(antenna - you can even see on google earth how HUGE it is)

Calamity ensued as my mom went running for the hose, my dad pondered calling the fire department, and Josh hoisted me up on the roof to try to retrieve it.

Josh would like it noted that he thought lanterns were a bad idea. 

Josh was right.

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Kathytx4 said...

Oh My~~ It's always an adventure for your family Jamie ;)