Thursday, November 04, 2010

I Hate Turkey

UPDATE: I thought it would be fun to update with the finished tree. I loved this idea and plan to make it a yearly thing!

The calendar flips to November, and my countdown to Christmas starts.

In years past, I have sailed right through Thanksgiving without giving it proper prominence. The orange around the house starts to look dusty and I long for the warmth of Christmas decorations to fill each corner and cozy up our home.

As I was reflecting on why I brush off Thanksgiving, a realization dawned on me.

I hate turkey.

I don't like the flavor of it, nor it paired with stuffing, yams, rolls, etc.

Seeing that the day seems to center around that big bird, I have come to detest "the eating holiday". A small annoyance on the route to the bigger and better holiday celebrating Christ's birth.

In an effort to remember the spirit of Thanksgiving, and what it really stands for, we have put up a Thanksgiving Tree. My friend Kirsten had the great idea, and I love creating a leaf each night and placing it on the tree.

It's not pretty, but it's helping me remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving. So far, Kayden has put up "Grandma" as the thing he is most thankful for and Bryce's was Mommy.


natalie said...

that's a great idea jamie...i might have to copy :)

Kami/The Elegant Elle said...

What a fantastic idea! I am going to make a smaller one! So cute! How did you make yours??

cara's creations said...

what a great idea...I may to copy as well.

MiniMe Mom said...

I just made it with construction paper. It probably looks prettier on the picture than it does in real life:-) I see all the tape and it bugs me. BUT, I love it that my kids are so excited to find things they are thankful for.

kirsten said...

Can I just say I am so excited about how positive everyone is about this?? I certainly can't take credit for the original idea - found it somewhere on the interwebs myself - but love love love how it's taken off, even just on Facebook. I'm so glad you shared it!!